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Specialty Films & Papers

Welcome to Hutchison Miller Sales. We are a manufacturer’s representative organization established to satisfy your special paper, film, foil, and fabric requirements. Our list is not intended to be all-inclusive; we offer additional one-of-a-kind and specialty items. If a product you need is not listed, we may be able to save you time in locating a source of supply.

Service with integrity has been our business for over 50 years!

About Us

Hutchison Miller Sales Company and LSH Materials Ltd. share a mission and primary goal to provide service with integrity, loyalty and a high level of ethics to both the customer and the companies represented for the long term. These principles will not be sacrificed for short term gains.

To fill a need in the pressure sensitive industry for technical sales representation of facestocks, Hutchison Miller Sales Company (HMS) was founded in 1967 by Bob Hutchison and Bob Miller, both now deceased. As a manufacturers’ representative for films, paper, foils and fabrics HMS supplies products designed for adhesive coaters, label and tag converters and specialty packaging applications in North America. We have over 100 years combined experience serving the PS industry.

In order to augment the service level by HMS, LSH Materials Ltd. was established in 1992 as a distribution arm.


Products & Services

HMS markets a range of products for pressure sensitive adhesive coaters and label converters, as well as some highly specialized packaging companies in North America. The products, which include papers, films, foils and fabrics and/or a combination of these components, can be custom engineered to meet the specific and unusual needs of customers. In many cases the solutions are innovative and unique constructions with tight product specifications. The end uses for these products can include niche markets which in many instances may not be served by commodity manufacturers.

HMS and LSH are able to provide Warehousing, Supplier managed inventory for fast turnaround, Slitting and converting services.


Cast Cellulose Acetate Film

  • Biodegradable – meets ASTM D6400 specifications for compostable plastics
  • Crystal Clear, Matte, White and Colors (3-D Colors, Fluorescent and Pearlescent)
  • Semitone – Low Gloss, Semi Matte and Smudge Resistant
  • Loki – Ultra Destructible Film, Clear and White
  • High Temperature and Flame Retardant Acetate
  • Custom manufactured Acetate film incorporating additives for specific applications
  • SFI certified pulp utilized in production
  • Widths to 53″


Foil and Film Laminates

  • Silver, Gold, Colors, Bright and Dull
  • Coatings: HD Acrylic (High Dyne), Nitrocellulose, Laser Printable and Custom Formulations
  • Holographic Origination; Holographic Films; Various Foil Gauges & Films Including Holographic Laminated to Papers & Boards; Foil 2 Sides; Embossing; Metallic Coated Papers & Boards; Security Ticket Stock; Pearl
  • Widths to 72″
  • Laminations with 30#-36 pt. papers
  • Archival
  • Paper / Paper (including board weights) Lamination
  • FSC, SFI and PEFC certified


Specialty Films and Papers

  • Polypropylene Films- White, Clear, or Metalized-top coated one or two sides for superior printing and adhesive anchorage
  • BOPP Films with Recycled Content
  • Polyethylene films- LDPE, MDPE, HDPE; Clear, White, or Colors
  • Dura Tag- Durable, UV resistant HDPE, Thermal Transfer printable
  • Synthetic Papers- coated 1 or 2 sides TT printable, BS5609
  • Direct thermal coated films- UV and alcohol resistant, carcass labeling, and fruit labeling
  • Ink Jet printable BOPP
  • Polyester- White, Clear, Matte, or Metalized. Top coated for superior printing
  • Specialty Papers and Boards

Coated Films, Papers and Fabrics

  • Breakaway Films with Splitable Coatings
  • Custom Designed Coated Films and Papers
  • Fabrics – Satin Cloth and Printable Fabrics


In 2010, Multi-Plastics acquired two extrusion facilities, providing OPS film and sheet and PET sheet to the thermoforming and graphic arts industries. For over 35 years, the Hazleton, PA and Avenel, NJ facilities have been the leaders in extruded OPS, providing economical, eco-efficient, specialty, and highly engineered solutions. An extensive laboratory and R&D capabilities offer customized and differentiated products. For cost effective label films, from clear to white to colors, gloss or matte delivered in a timely manner- Multi-Plastic Extrusion’s Spectralite.

  • Clear, Matte and White Films
  • EnviroSafe® Biodegradable Films

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Hutchison Miller Sales Company

157 E. Butler Ave, New Britain, PA 18901

Phone: 215.345.1824
Toll-free: 1-800-489-6586
Fax: 215.348.4604

Hutchison Miller Sales Company

157 E. Butler Ave, New Britain, PA 18901

Phone: 215.345.1824
Toll-free: 1-800-489-6586
Fax: 215.348.4604

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