Synthetic Paper offers the durability of plastic film with the printability of paper.  Synthetic Papers are available with a variety of surfaces for printability and functionality.  Some of the materials are offered with a percentage of recycled content in the core. 

PPG & PPH BOPP Synthetic Papers

PPG (C1S) and PPH (C2S) are coated one side or two side synthetic papers with cavitated BOPP core.  They have a matt white clay coating that offers excellent printability by a variety of methods and outstanding color reproduction.  The matt surface is suitable for thermal transfer printing.  They have excellent opacity in relation to caliper and offer out standing weather resistance.   

PIJw Water Based Inkjet Printable BOPP Synthetic Paper

PIJw has a custom matt coating on a cavitated BOPP core that offers excellent water based inkjet printability using both dye and pigment based inks, as well as UV inkjet.  PIJw has good resistance to moisture and chemicals.

PDT Direct Thermal Printable BOPP Synthetic Paper

PDTb has a BPA and BPS free heat sensitive surface, on a cavitated BOPP core, for high definition direct thermal imaging.  PDT can be engineered for specific uses such fruit labeling, carcass labeling, and oil and chemical resistance.

TWG PET Synthetic Paper

TWG is a synthetic paper offering the same characteristics as PPG on a Polyester core

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