Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene (BOPP)

BOPP facestock for pressure sensitive applications requiring optimum performance. Acrylic top coated or uncoated BOPP films meet a wide range of applications suitable for general industrial, prime, chemicals, food, and beverage labels. Some materials are offered with 30% industrial recycled content in the core without effecting performance

White Uncoated BOPP
Suitable base for various topcoats or an economic standalone film for a variety of applications. Gauges range from 1.9 mil. to 6.7 mil.

Top coated BOPP
Acrylic top coated one or two sides compatible for a variety of print technologies, including flexo, uv, foil stamping, and thermal transfer. Two side coated excellent product for extended label content applications, in addition to working well with removable adhesives.

Metalized BOPP
Suitable for various applications, including prime and durable labeling. Acrylic top coated one side for a range of print methods

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