Hutchison Miller Sales is dedicated to contributing to a sustainable future by offering the following environmentally friendly materials:

    • Celanese Acetate Films
      • Acetate Films are derived from sustainable non-fossil fuel resources. Its cellulosic origin provides several environmentally friendly characteristics, including compostability (ASTM 6400 & EN 13432), industrial biodegradability, and gives it a unique versatility for packaging waste recovery. Learn More >>
    • Hazen Envirofoil®
      • Manufactured with 85% non-carbon derived energy, Envirofoil is transfer-metallized with no plastic and a minimal amount of aluminum – so it’s as easily recycled as printed paper. Dramatic source reduction means it carries 20 times less metal per square inch than metallic ink. It meets strict environmental criteria, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and the International Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. Hazen Paper has a 0% landfill policy that led to 100% of their solid waste being recycled. Learn More >>
    • LSH/HSF BOPP Films and Synthetic Papers with Recycled Content
      • Produced with 30% post-consumer waste recycled polypropylene resin in the core. Learn More >>
    • Holliston 100% Cotton Fabrics
      • Composed of cotton; potato, wheat or corn starch; and dyes and colorants, fully 98% of Holliston’s product offerings are completely recyclable.
    • Multi-Plastics Envirosafe® Prodegradent Polystyrene Films
      • Eco-efficient polystyrene film developed with prodegradent technology to assist with reducing our environmental impact. Validated by an independent, third-party lab using ASTM D6954 guidelines. Learn More >>

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Hutchison Miller Sales Company and LSH Materials Ltd. share a mission and primary goal to provide service with integrity, loyalty and a high level of ethics to both the customer and the companies represented for the long term. These principles will not be sacrificed for short term gains.

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